What can humor do to improve your dating life

If you use humor, you can make those around you laugh more, of course. That will result in their mood becoming brighter like the sun and they'll get attached to you like glue. You can bring more life to your date if it's filled with laughs and light topics. At the same time, Humor can change a very bad date into a very good date. You won't think it's true, but if your relationship is about to met the ax, just use humor. Maybe you can still work things out.

Why is laughter so important when attracting women? Because most girls are most attracted to humor. I've known guys who only got humor in the repertoire of attracting women and they do well. Even more amazing, as humor uses its magic to bridge the gap between people, they also feel better and comfortable to be around you.

It brings people closer together because humor and laughter ties them together really tight, if you think about it. Nothing can beat some good laughter if it's shared and used to connect and strengthen bonds. Since humor is so effective, bad feelings won't linger and good feelings will soon surface. It's not possible to feel both bad and good emotions at the same time, they're opposites.

You can use humor to change someone's behavior right there. Better prepare your ears. Why? Because she'll be talking more and interacting more with you. Watch as she gets more alert and excited. She'll be full of energy for some later activities. Humor is the best medicine - whoever said that is absolutely right.

Women are absolutely ecstatic about men with good sense of humor. That's all according to recent surveys. Sometimes a good sense of humor is all you need to get women to go out with you. There's no denying that.

Girls see a guy with high status humor attractive because it makes the conversation lighter. Don't be boring. Add life to your conversations with women. And don't take your life so seriously every minute of the day. Funny men are even considered more intelligent since they can joke about things instantly at a moments notice. if you have a good sense of humor, it means you're also creative. Guys with sense of humor seems to understand others well, too.

Let's take a look at why laughter is good for your even more. It's good for the body as well as the emotion. Humor makes you healthier as it lowers stress and allows you to relax. And makes you heal faster, too. Now it makes sense what a good sense of humor really does to your body and why women like it so much. They just make the world a better place for women. Bad days doesn't seem to affect them that much, they just move on.

If you're given a choice between physical attractiveness and sense of humor, you better pick the latter. Make women feel more relax and at ease so they'll be more open to you with almost anything. Anything. A man with a great sense of humor makes the woman feel confident.

When you meet women, be sure to make her laugh. Use comedy to increase a woman's attraction for you. Everything can be made funny but don't make fun of everything. Also add some teasing while you're at it.

Make your relationships last longer and happier. Studies show that people who joke with their spouses in everyday situations tend to be happier in their relationship than couples who don't. Relationships with people in general are just better with humor. It's so simple it's funny.

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Dave Abrevo

Author:Dave Abrevo
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